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Educational Programs at the Osgoode Township Museum

The Osgoode Township Museum now offers many exciting educational programs based on the lifestyles of the pioneers and early settlers.  Our programs can be coupled with a guided tour of the museum’s exhibits and artifacts, or they can be stand-alone programs held at the museum or at another location such as your school or community centre as part of our History To-Go travelling programs.  All programs are facilitated by our museum representatives.

Educational Museum Workshops are designed for participants ages six and up, with a maximum of 30 participants per workshop. 

The fee for all educational programs, including on-site museum programs and our travelling programs is $5.00 per participant.  A museum representative will be present to lead each workshop.

If you wish to deliver an Educational Program to your class or community group on your own, Program Kits can be rented out for a week at a time, and cost $50.00 per kit.

The following is a list of the Educational Programs & Workshops which the Osgoode Township Museum is currently offering:


Fun with Canadian Folk-Music!

This program brings to life the songs and music of early Canada.  Children will learn how to sing and dance to the songs of the fishermen, farmers, fur trappers, sailors and more!  English and French-Canadian songs will be featured, and there be lots of moving and shaking involved for those kids who like to keep busy! 

Before the Ballpoint: 19th Century Writing 

This program explores the history and origins of writing from its very beginnings up to the time of the early settlers.  Program participants will learn how to make homemade paper and will create their very own quill pens!  Everyone is then invited to write a letter to a friend by trying their hand at 19th century writing using their feathers with an inkwell!  

Pioneer Toys and Games

This program takes a look at the many different toys and games of days gone by that were popular with pioneer children.  Program participants will learn how to play some of these games, and will have the opportunity to make a pioneer toy of their own, which they will be able to keep after the workshop! 

Pioneer Clothing: Fibres, Fabric and Fashion on the Farm

This program explores the natural fibres that were readily available to the pioneers, and takes a look at how women would turn these fibres into thread, wool, and fabric. Participants will have the opportunity to try out some simple needle-craft, weaving and sewing exercises.  There will be time set aside to try on pioneer-style clothing and pose for and “olden-day” black and white photograph!

From Cow to Churn: Old Fashioned Butter-Making

*Program extension can include making Ice-Cream!

Program participants will take a look at how butter is made the old-fashioned way, beginning with the milking of the cow, each step in the process will be explained.  Program participants will then experience making their own butter through a hands-on workshop culminating with a chance to taste the fruits of their labour!

Curator for a Day!: Design a Diorama

This program explores the role of the curator in a museum.  A discussion with program participants will follow where participants will be invited to share their experiences at the various museums they have visited in the past.  Everyone will then use a shoebox to create their very own museum diorama based on a variety of different themes relating to pioneer life & farming.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to book your next program, or to request additional information.  It would be our pleasure to answer any questions you may have, and we would be happy to assist you with the selection of a museum workshop to suit your specific needs.   

Tel: 613-821-4062 


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